About Us

Nicole and Michelle are the co-founders of Simpy Solutions, LLC

In 2010 we opened the doors to Simply Solutions with dreams and hopes to help other business owners like ourselves.  Both Nicole and Michelle are entrepreneurs by heart, each independent contractors with home base businesses and wanting to find solutions to the troubles that hinder home base business owners in the office.


Michelle Porter

“I opened my first home-based biz in 2000 with a large cosmetic company.  I did well in the business and loved working with people and the finances.  Although I loved it I wasn’t the best at it.  I learned some hard lessons.  Through the ups and downs of business and life, some great things came from my struggles.  Simply Solutions is one of those things.”

I learned Excel well throughout the years and enjoy putting it to work for me.  The struggles with taxes every year are real and in the beginning I spent hours, days, even weeks preparing my tax receipts. Each year the struggle caused me to problem solve, one of my joys in life! I began to use my Excel skills to make the process of preparing my taxes easier and easier. After many years of fine tuning I had created a system that I could accomplish preparing my tax paperwork in less than a day. I loved that I had finally made this easy for myself and wanted to share it with everyone! I would take time to teach others how to do what I did. Nicole came to me with a business idea and we developed Simply Solutions. The system I had created, we re-designed and made it even easier for others to pick up and use to organize their offices. We also made it pretty! Who doesn’t want beautifully colored files in their drawers! Our hopes are that you will find the simplicity in what we have developed and find a little bit more peace in the tax season each year.


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