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We are a company here to help you organize your Home Base Business’ Office!  Currently we have two systems, one helps organize your tax receipts for your accountant with a system that is simple and easy to use!  At the end of the year you have easy to read reports to hand over to your CPA and organized files for storage.  Our system is easy to use and affordable!

The second system is designed to organize each clients paperwork and documents.  Yes, internet and online is the way to go now a days, however, having a hard copy when those options are not available to us is invaluable.  If data is lost or hard drives crash, we would be lost without the hard copies (paper) with all of our clients information!  You have to keep your records for 7 years when it comes to your tax documents and we all know that hard drives do not last that long, so it is imperative to keep those papers.  Audits are on the rise and one of their targets are home base business owners.   We are here to help you prepare and be ready for those moments in life.

If you are the type of person who is amazing in front of people and horrible behind the office desk then this system is made for you.  If you love to organize and keep a tidy office this system is for you too!  Think of the time and energy you will save not having to create a system to organize you office!  Plus, if you do not like to organize or do not want to, we created a tutorial DVD to assist you or train an assistant to work in your office!  Make your office work for you!

Please contact us at michelle@mysimplysolutions.com

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